Finding an inspiring quote that sums up your efforts is the best way to start the week.
If you think you procrastinate and delay the realisation of your dreams, or that you find it hard to face what this day holds for you, these positive quotes will make you find new strength to keep fighting for what you want.

All of us, at some point in our lives, need a motivational quote to face the day to day. That’s why, in recent times, there are so many quotes on social networks that inspire us to get out of bed, learn from our mistakes and face the world as if we were stepping out of the Marvel universe.

The power of the right quote at the right time is incomparable.

If that match happens, a rush of optimism and good energy runs through your body and encourages you to try to achieve your goals, no matter how distant they may have seemed in the past.

Why is it important to start the day reading inspiring quotes?

 It is proven that what you think, you attract. 

If you start a project feeling that you will be able to achieve it, that your knowledge is strong enough and that you deserve something good, you can be sure that it will go better than if you think otherwise.

So, if you make a habit of reading motivational quotes at the start of your day, don’t be surprised if fate turns a little bit your way.

What can you do to boost your motivation? (Besides reading and sharing these quotes, of course).

Here are 5 tips to inspire you to stop procrastinating:

1) Think optimistic: As it says above, positive thoughts are the key for motivation. This doesn’t mean that your wishes will magically come true, but if you put all your energy into making them happen, the process will be much easier.

2) Set short, medium and long-term goals. Your objectives should be realistic, that is, do not generate false expectations that you will not be able to reach later.

3) Track all your progress, this will help you to maintain your motivation over time. It is also important to recognise your mistakes and see how you can avoid them in the future.

4) Congratulate and reward yourself for achieving specific goals. Life is not all about sacrifice!

5) Stay up and don’t let yourself slack off. Breaks are always necessary, but don’t let them become a constant.

The inspirational quotes below will help and motivate you to put all these tips into practice, so you can change your perspective about your life and your goals and learn how to achieve them in a better way.

30 Inspirational quotes about life and happiness

Inspiring quotes for the day

Don’t let bad energy affect your routine, enjoy the best inspiring quotes in the morning and go after your goals.

Remember that starting your day with a smile and extra motivation can facilitate the change you’ve been waiting for.

These positive quotes for the day have been chosen with the intention of giving you coping tools for everyday difficulties.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.Jimmy Dean
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.Mahatma Gandhi
The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Short inspirational quotes for Instagram

Fill your social media with these short inspirational words of wisdom or share them with anyone you think needs them.

Motivation written in short quotes can be your best mantra when it comes to getting your projects off the ground.
Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.Chris Grosser
Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.Eleanor Roosevelt
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.Sharon Begley

Inspiring quotes for women

Gift yourself with these inspirational quotes about women’s strength and get started on your project or meet your goals at once!

 Remember that you don’t owe your achievements to anyone and that they are the sole merit of you. 
I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.maya angelou
It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.Paulo Coelho
I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.Madonna

Quotes to inspire students

Students are always looking for a mentor. Inspire your classroom with the best motivational quotes for students that will help them improve their skills and achieve high results.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.George Bernard Shaw
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.Eleanor Roosevelt
None of us is as smart as all of us. .Ken Blanchard

Inspiring quotes for work

Do you work in a place that doesn’t satisfy you? Encourage yourself to meet your goals and pursue your dreams with these positive workplace quotes that will make you reach your goals with less effort and more satisfaction.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.Thomas A. Edison
Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.Arthur Schopenhauer
You never fail until you stop trying.Albert Einstein

What can you do with the quote you have chosen?

If you have already chosen your favourite inspirational quote, try these ideas:

  • Share your inspirational words on your social networks. You can do it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others. It´s very easy!!
  • You can send one (or more!) of our short motivational quotes by email to any of your contacts and make someone’s day.
  • Download the image with text of your choice and use it as wallpaper or whatever you like. These positive thoughts quotes will encourage you to overcome your obstacles every day.
  • You can also embed the code in WordPress or wherever you want, just copy the code and paste it in the target location.

Or maybe you want to design your own inspirational poster, you can do that here.

Great, that’s all for now. We really hope you can succeed in all your resolutions and that these quotes serve to give you the motivation you need.